Wisdom Web Social Networking – Personalizing Your Wisdom Web Page – The Concept

Wisdom Web Social Networking – Building Your Wisdom Web Page

– Collect Articles, Website Links, Youtube Videos, Book Titles of your own interests.

– Personalize Your Web Page (Background, Biography, Photos, Etc..)

– Personalize Your Topic Preferences

– Personalized Source Recommendations based off what topics you like.

-Internet Search Engine Keywords can be like portals to the Otherworld. The possibilities are endless.

– Collect and Archive Sources

-Book Titles
-Website Links


– Individualized Learning

– Find Friends based on similar interests and topic matches.

– Remember to look for ‘References within References’ to keep building your Wisdom Web.
(For Example: A Book Title Reference within a website OR Website Links referred to in a Youtube Video, etc…

The Social Networking Code of Ethics:

1. All Action must be based on compassion.

2. Compassion flows from the understanding of the connection between all living beings.

3. Compassion must be applied with Wisdom.

4. Apply synergy and teamwork to accomplish goals

5. Spiritual Activism is the pursuit of service for the good of all, not for the advancements or benefit of individuals or selected communities.

6. Pursue Integrity, Honesty, and Dignity in the conduct of your actions.

7. Do not degame your detractors or those who doubt you.

8. Raising another raises you up as well.

9. Learn to listen to your heart and not your mind.

10. Search out viable and sustainable solutions.

11. Do not judge yourself simply by the results of your actions.

12. Let Metta be the motivation of your actions.

If people followed these Guidlelines it would create a huge Upliftment of humanity that could be beneficial for everyone.

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List of Important Links – My Websites & Ideas

Hello Fellow Followers!

For your convenience, Here is the list of my current website links, as some of them may have changed this past year. Thank you for your patience!






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My Wisdom Web Networking Company Business Plan from the beginning of 2013

Wisdom Web Networking Business Plan as of March 2013

How It Works:

The type of educational social network I envision would be like a combination of Facebook, Goodreads, and Youtube. Everyone would have there own account, but there would be specific guidelines (See 12 keys to spiritual activism youtube video). It would promote truth, wisdom, health and spirituality, as well as combining history, politics, religion, culture, and science. I believe focusing on these topics from all different points of view would cause a more global unification and also “wake people up” to truth and wisdom and get out of the habit of believing the propoganda. In my opinion, this is a crucial next step for humanity. There would be options such as looking up a youtube video, website, or book referral by using the wisdom keywords. (There would need to be a “Wisdom Words” section to help people get started.) Wisdom words would be universal keywords to type into search engines such as google, youtube, or goodreads to find particular topics or book titles. Once people start to understand the focus they can post books, website links, video clips (such as youtube) as long as they stay within the guidelines and topics. You would also get book, video, and website recommendations based on your activity from the posts you like or share.

Examples of Wisdom Web Words, People, and Discussion Topics:

The Golden Age, Lightworkers, Vision Quests, Shamanism, Druidry, Native American Culture, meditation, Ancient texts, World history, Ayahausca Medicinal Properties, Symbolism of the Language of Nature, Spiritual Mystics Biographies such as Ghandi, Dalai Llama, Siddhartha, the Ayurvedic medicine system and the doshas (kapha, pitta, vata), The Chakra Energy Centers, Herbal remedies, the Healing Power of Nature, The importance of organic farming and how the food we eat effects our mind and emotions, The Chakra Energy Centers, “the seat of the soul” (8th chakra), Remote viewing, Channeling, Soul Loss and Retrieval, Enlightenment, Auras, Ascension, Law of Attraction, Eastern Religious philosophies, Vaishnavism, Lord Vishnu, Krishna, Electromagnetism, Photons, Neuroplasticity, the Anima and Animus, Quantum physics, Toltec wisdom, Dream interpretation and why its important, Astrology, Numerology, The Science of Kabbalah, the astral body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, the atman, ethereal realms, carvaka, Goddess and Hero Archetypes, the Prophetic Movement, future of electronic gps systems, electromagnetism, particle physics, etc..

The Key (Finding Wisdom Web Words):

Finding the correct “Wisdom Webbing Word” and raising your vibration high enough to have your chakras balanced enough to maintain the ability of seeing through propoganda, which includes living a healthy spiritual life. (Meditation, spending time in nature and healthy diet is a good place to start in finding your inner peace and balance.)

Discussion Topics:
1. Creating a more mutual understanding between males and females and how we think and the differences in brain chemistry. (anima vs. animus)
2. How to feel more attuned with the power of nature and the vibrational healing it can cause and how that ties in with science and medicine.
3. Creating a united positive loving compassionate energy towards others rather than having the subconscious stuggle for power, which everyone subconsciously does at times.
4. Finding a balance between holistic/ayurvedic medicine and western medicine.
5. How we can bring everyones opinions, perspectives, and interests together a figure out the bigger picture by working together and gathering wisdom references.
6. How we can create more balance of money, food, clean drinking water, clothing, medical coverage, schooling, shelter for familes, etc..
7. Ayurvedic medicine and the three doshas, kapha, pitta, and vata and figuring out our own personal constitution and learning how to keep them balanced.
8. Think about how imbalanced relationships such as the parent/child relationship or romantic relationships can become imbalanced through lack of communication and understanding which creates dis-ease and misunderstandings are left unfixed the cycle will continue throughout the generations.
9. Transitioning into the golden age.
10. Ancient knowledge, including sacred texts, fire ceremonies, natural healing rituals and ceremonies.
11. How the quality of our foods affects our minds and bodies. Consider organic farming and how we can restore our resources and give financial and medical benefits to all organic farmers.
12. How meditation can raise your vibrations, making you feel more mentally sharp, confident, and balanced. If more people learned about meditation and having a relationship with nature would the world be more peaceful and understanding?
13. How can we strengthen our auras to create a personal shield against negativity?
14. Soul loss and how it happens and how to heal it through soul retrieval.
15. Learning how to find wisdom and coming up with best keywords.
16. Converting to another resource besides oil for fuel/switching to electric or hybrid cars.
17. Wealth imbalance and how benevolant should the wealthy be? How much giving is too much or too little?
18. Ways to improve the educational system and adapting to all students personal learning needs.
19. How materialistic is too materialistic?

Books (or highlight specific chapters or quotes), Websites, Videos, Songs.

 ADDED NETWORKING IDEA: Include in the wisdom web networking social networking website there would be a wisdom seekers meet-up section and the option to choose specific wisdom topics to study with fellow truthseekers.

The Wisdom Web Networking Company Would Consist Of:

Concert/Book Tour/Wisdom Web Tutorial/Dinner Events:
Introduce Wisdom Web Social Networking and show people a tutorial of the website and how to get started and how to use the networking system. I envision a comfortable setting for people to mingle and enjoy dinner with a good music, a book showing booth, and a wisdom web tutorial booth for teaching people how to use the program. The key is to teach people about the universal key wisdom words for online search engines and how to continue buliding and expanding the web through related recommendations.

Archived Wisdom Web Book Tours from Wisdom Web Online Library:
Selected medicine and wisdom books from the wisdom web library that I feel are full of valuable knowledge to share and recommend to people from all different locations around the world. It would also allow me the opportunity to share my essays.

Wisdom Web Library Tablet Widget to put your books, videos, music, and other wisdom references on the front page of your mobile device for convenient access.

My Websites:




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~What Wisdom Web Networking Is All About~

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out Wisdom Web Networking! I’m currently working through GOODREADS.com, AMAZON.com, and YOUTUBE to build an educational social networking program that is both FUN and gives everyone the FREEDOM to CHOOSE their study topics! Wisdom Web Networking  is the combination between my two web pages, this Blog, and my  Goodreads Library http://Goodreads.com/WisdomWebNetworking Both of my pages focus on a more sacred type of wisdom, sometimes otherworldly, as I am learning to channel this wisdom, through thinking of great ‘Wisdom Keywords’. This system results in me finding AWESOME Book Recommendations,  Affordable Amazon Deals, and Educational Seminars and Documentaries. I believe many of these sources are filled with Wisdom that should be more openly taught to people who want to learn more about the world and expand their horizons, outside of what is taught in traditional public school. Topics I share include Religion, Spirituality, Health & Medicine, Science, Cultural Belief Systems, Architecture, History, Philosophy, Herbal Medicine, and Environmental Issues/Global Healing, Historical/Spiritual Adventure books, and Biographies of Historical People. The wide range of topics discussed allows everyone the FREEDOM to choose what they find interesting and wish to learn more about. It is FREE TO SUBSCRIBE and follow my blog  or be my friend on Goodreads if you like the posts I share. My goal is to start a fun Alternative Education Social Networking Program that all age groups will find interesting. My newest update is trying to post more Awesome Deals from Amazon.com. Any referrals to Wisdom Web Networking are much appreciated, as I’m hoping to find business contacts through this project. I hope you all have a fun FREE learning experience! Follow my blog or friend request me!




Here is a link to purchase my first e-book. It discusses the subtle energy systems such as the DOSHAS and the CHAKRAS and how to find imbalances and how to heal and restore your subtle energy systems as well as some other great alternative holistic medicine options!


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The Treasure Chest Company Components & The Tiny Treasures Product Line/System

The Treasure Chest Company Components:
– The Retail Store Locations

– The Online Catalog

– The Book

– The Tiny Treasures Monthly Magazine w/ Subscription Boxes

Things to Include in the Tiny Treasures Magazine:

– About The Company / Introduction to new Customers

– Introduction to the Retail Store w/ Pictures

– About the Layout Design of the Store and why I think letting customers freely dig through products is a good idea.

– The Shopping Experience (Making the shopping experience fun is the goal.)

– Artist Interviews

– “How It Works” Section — How the Tiny Treasures System Works, How To Build a Box

– New Products for Sale w/ Photos and Prices

– Include LOTS of beautiful color photos of different Tiny Treasures throughout the magazine.

The Signature ‘Tiny Treasures’ Product Line:

Buttons, Paperclips, Thimbles, Marbles, Bottles, Metal Charms, Beads, Dominos,

Bottlecaps, Paper Scraps, Small Gemstones, Rhinestones, String, Glues, Gift Boxes

The Subscriber Gift Box Options:

  1. The Classic Gift Box:

Buttons, Thimbles, Marbles, Dominos, Paperclips, Metal Charms/Bezels, Beads, Miniature Bottles, Paper Scraps, Bottlecaps, Small Gemstones

2. The Random Mix Gift Box

3. The ‘Build Your Own’ Gift Box

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The Treasure Chest/Tiny Treasures Company Information

Here is the newest updated information on what I have been working on.


-The Treasure Chest/Tiny Treasures Retail Store

-The Great Book of Tiny Treasures

  • The Tiny Treasures Magazine and Subscriber Gift Boxes
  • The Online Tiny Treasures Catalog
  • The Signature Product Line


My updated Website Links:







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Potential Wisdom Web Bookstore Names

Hi everyone!

Just so this is on record that I came up with this I feel the need to post this.. As some of my followers may know one of my business goals is to build a bookstore franchise based on the books I add into my online library databases. I want to create not just any regular bookstore, but a bookstore filled with magical interior design such as magical decorative mirrors, comfortable lounge couches, beaded drape curtains, persian carpets, beautiful throw pillows, and more. I recently created a photo album of my ideas for this interior design model on my facebook page if you want to check it out. Here is a list of potential bookstore names that I like so far…

“Magic Mirror Books,”

“Magic World Books,”

“Mirror Bridge Books,”

“5th Dimension Books”

That’s the names I have thought of so far, maybe I will think of some more, but here they are for the record..




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A Huge Thank You to the Fans of Wisdom Web Networking!!!!

Hello Fellow Truthseekers!
I just wanted to send out a quick Thank You to everyone following my blog. I genuinely appreciate all the support i can get for this project. I’ve put a lot of work into this project and I have nothing but good intentions in mind with the Wisdom web Networking System. I see so much potential in this idea for making learning fun! So a Huge THANK YOU to all of the fans and supporters in this continued project!! 🙂

Here are some Links to some New Projects I’ve been working on…

http://www.Goodreads.com/TheWritersWeb & http://www.Goodreads.com/TheMagickSchool

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“The Connect Effect” – Predictions For the Future of Social Networking

I just recently finished and reviewed a book called “The Connect Effect” by Michael Dulworth and this book was absolutely perfect for helping me improve my vision for Wisdom Web Networking. I highly recommend this book to any Wisdom Web fans or people just interested in social networking in general. I particularly thought the predictions for the future of social networking in this book to be very interesting and makes me optimistic about the project I am dedicated to working on so I wanted to share them with my followers…


*Networks will expand globally. Automated translation programs will help enable this expansion.

*We will have better visual connectivity with network members. We’ll face to face even though we won’t be.

*We’ll leverage the Global Positioning System (GPS) to connect with people who are in close physical proximity to us.

*Networks will form to more closely connect gurus (people with wisdom) to practitioners. The practitioners will form networks and communities to discuss the guru’s wisdom and apply it in a practical manner to their own lives or work context. Lessons learned will be shared among the network members (or the gurus themselves).

*A networking metalanguage or set of standards will emerge so that all of our networking devices and software are interoperable.

The Connect Effect by Michael Dulworth

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